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New Music: Beka the Boy-Utanikumbuka

Fire is always fire, it burns and never has any excuse when its flames raze and consume its victim hence whatever it touches turns to be hot. Why? Beka the Boy is just doing what fire does, music is the flame and whenever he releases one like fire is always very hot. Now here is the last music piece he has finally release from the triplets tracks I did wrote about the past three days in a row. Utanikumbuka is one of the rear music product produced by Totti, I don't know which kind of words I would use to describe it.

Beka the Boy| Photo By| Eabana
Beka the Boy| Photo By| Eabana

Utanikumbuka how the music single starts, it attracts the attention of the listener. Beka is a kind of an artist who is very good at writing poems. So the song is full of sweet poetry oriented lines which illustrates the mood of the persona in the Utanikumbuka song. The storyline is pure rich in sweet melody plus the talented Beka the Boy's super vocals make the song to be a definite hit. Not leaving alone the live trumpets and hymns from the G-Records kingpin and legendary producer Totti La Inter. I have no much to tell but to give you my reader the chance to listen for yourself and give out a comment about this music mouthpiece from music artist Beka the Boy.

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