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Exclusive: Beka The Boy Plans To Overtake The East Africa Music Industry By Doing This!

Beka the Boy| Photo By| EaBana

Beka the Boy| Photo By| EaBana

Success goes to those people who are self-determined and already have dreams to nourish them. Its all about planning and good plans lead to amazing outcomes. Beka the Boy is one of the few Kenyan artists who has been doing great things in the music world within a short period of time. He has been for sometime working within a self-disciplined schedule, whereby in every single music he has been releasing he has been making sure is reaching to the radio station and at-least is making it to top on different radio station's weekly charts. Do you think this is an easy task? No, it is not, it needs a talented, self-reliance and many passionate artists to reap such achieves. Jidai, Niko Low, Busy Nawe and others have been amazing work from the prevailing music vocalist. Now he has other three hits in hand and today he has released just one(TENA BADO) waiting for the other two which he is planning to release them with their video as well.

Here are his plan and next moves, after studying the Kenyan music industry for quite long. He has learned many positive and negative things as well. The game is tough and its toughness is just part of the morale which gives him the power of doing even much great music. It's not a secret that the radio stations not only here at the Kenyan coast but countrywide has their own way of dealing with music artists. And every radio station has its own taste and preference when it comes to the way of handling music products. But with the kind of music Beka the Boy has been releasing, there is no excuse for any radio presenter to boycott playing the music product. In fact, as many radios are fond of playing and promoting the Tanzanian music (Bongo Flava) than the Kenyan music, are much even profound to play Beka's hits because his music has no different with the Bongo Flava for sure. So am wondering, why should one stop promoting our good Kenyan music which is superb and not different from the Bongo Flava music? I think its high time all music stakeholders could come together in one voice and promote by giving huge airplay to artists like Beka the Boy who is in the good position of competing with the Tanzanian top music artists only that if they are given that chance.

Beka the Boy| Photo By| EaBana

Already Beka who has now registered his own music label ( Double B), he is now planning for a major move which will leave many people's mouths wide open. Beka realizes that in order an artist to pull a huge attention from the members of the public, one has to have good music, discipline and good connection with all music stakeholders. Already all his music he has released so far are good and attracting huge support from music lovers. Bahari FM one of the radios along the Kenyan coast has been on the forefront promoting Beka the Boy music alongside other radios outside Kenya in Tanzania including Sunrise Radio, Jembe FM, Swahiba FM, East Africa Radio etc. A platform in which Beka is trying to use it to shade awareness of his presence in the music world. As we are approaching the end of this year 2017,  Beka is planning to come up with a lucrative big show in which already there is an interim committee which is in-charge of the preparation of this show. Among other activities for which he is considering so as to take his musical talent to the next level, is having a media tour to over seven (7) radio station in Tanzania. Something which will see him meeting with other top Tanzanian music stakeholders so as to discuss his plans for conquering the music market in Tanzania among working with top music artist like Baraka da Prince whom he has been dreaming to feature him on his future work. Down here is his latest hit known as Tena Bado produced by producer Totti La Inter.

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