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Exclusive: Beka The Boy Is Unstoppable See Why!

Beka the Boy| Photo By| EaBana
Beka the Boy| Photo By| EaBana

In my career as a writer I have come across many music artists who are determined and ambitious towards their career here in Kenya but Beka the Boy he is doing it extraordinary. He is loyal to his work and through his management(Double B) has been planning ways on conquering the music market in the long run day by day. Last week I wrote about his plan of releasing three music hits at a range of one week. Maybe some people are wondering why this is the new style in town. It's just the same as an artist releasing a full brand new album. A long time ago most artists used to release full tracks which contained a maximum of twelve songs. And most of these music products did great, the same principal used those days, is now being applied by Beka.

In the course of this week, Beka the Boy is going to release two other hits in which one of those two music hits is Najuta. Najuta is a romantic music single with the message en tells a story of a young man who was loved by a beautiful lady. But because he thought he was too smart he never took her love so seriously so he let her down. But after a while, the guy comes back to his senses and he is like, wants to have a reunion with the lady. So in the process of seeking back to win her love, the guy who is in the message of Najuta hit is pleading to the lady to be given a second chance.

Beka the Boy| Photo By| EaBana

Najuta also produced by one of the few Kenyan top music artists and producer Totti La Inter, there is no doubt is a hit. I always do believe in Totti's handwork he is intelligent and professionally. So what do you expect to have at hand if a brilliant and talented musician like Beka falls under music producer like Totti? The answer is hit, hit and hit music. As we are waiting for the next new hit to be released by tomorrow, down here is full Najuta music with its lyrics.Enjoy!

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