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Photos: Richie Ree Brings Coast Entertainment Live Via East Africa Ride Initiative!

Dogo Richie| Photo By| Changez ndzai

Call him Dogo Richie a.k.a Richie Ree, he is among the top Kenyan artists based in the city of Mombasa. He has been doing great and fighting hard on making sure he is not pushing up his own music but also promoting his fellow music artists. His motive and ambition in his life as a music star are not built or based on selfishness but he has been open to anyone who has a good talent. He believes no of jealous and negative competition if it comes to the music game. Something in which has seen him coming with several initiatives like (RICLAM) and East Africa Ride that could push other music artists to a high level as well himself too.

Talking of East Africa Ride is gig which is taking place in every mid-month and end month. RICLAM(Richie Classic Music) which is Richie's music label had entered into a contract with the management of one of the most top nightclubs in Mombasa The Place, located in Bamburi. This has seen Richie Ree as the marketing personnel and ambassador of the nightclub thank you for his musical talent. Since the beginning, the project in which Richie has been inviting some of his fellow top music artists in Mombasa to perform and get well paid after every show something which has been well received by both the artists, the club's management and music fans across Mombasa. I don't have to waste a lot of time to prove my words, down here is a couple of photos showing the last gig which took place over the Weekend. Enjoy!

Dogo Richie| Photo By| Changez Ndzai

An artist performs at the East Africa Ride Event last Saturday

Dogo Richie| Photo By| Changez Ndzai

Rapper Arani Stanely performing on stage

Dogo Richie| Photo By| Changez Ndzai

Music Fans following up the event

Dogo Richie| Photo By| Changez Ndzai

Artist on stage

Dogo Richie| Photo By| Changez Ndzai

Fans caught unaware by the camera enjoying the vibe

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