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Celeb Crush: Alikiba And Governor Ali Joho Friendship Under My Pen's Scrutiny!

Joho & Alikiba| Photo Courtesy| Joho facebook

Sultan Ali Joho & King Kiba 

They both share the same first name (Ali) which literally means ''High or Elevated'' in Arabic. Something positive which prevail and gives out a clear picture of both of them on their lives status as famous and shinning stars in politics and music life respectively. That is not enough, Governor Joho named himself Sultan (A king or a ruler in a state or country) and his closest associate and friend Kiba named himself a King in the world of Bongo Flava music. May be it's through these common characteristics they do share has contributed to building their friendship. Alikiba becomes the only lucky East African artist, to steal the soul of Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho. Position in which many are fighting for it but in vain. Joho is like a platinum, he is riding high on his political ambition certainly now as he is in for another five years term as the governor of Mombasa. So its not easy for a person to get an easy contact with a person of his calibre. Only VVIP can share one table with him, but for Alikiba the Tanzanian music crooner having time with Joho is like a normal routine to him, they are like twins.

Joho & Alikiba| Photo Courtesy| Joho facebook

Governor Joho and Alikiba at Joho's resindence

He has been stealing the souls of many people across the country with his strong stand against the Jubilee regime being led by Uhuru Kenyatta. On the other hand, Alikiba is riding high on carrying Tanzanian flag via Bongo Flava music across Africa and I will not be wrong if I would say his number one fan is Hon Ali Hassan Joho.
A part of the concept that they do share a common name ''Ali'', Alikiba's music cool life style and discipline may be one of the things that had to attract Joho to him. There are many good artists in East Africa, but why Alikiba? Alikiba whenever he is in Mombasa, he enjoys full state reception from the county government of Mombasa. Here are some videos and images of both Alikiba and Ali Joho enjoy and doing different activities including state official activities like opening new projects or public social amenities and also having fun together during their leisure time. I have got some photos and videos evidence to prove my ink split for you as you watch, I hope you will do Enjoy!

Joho & Alikiba| Photo Courtesy| Joho facebook

Governor Joho & Alikiba Dnacing at a past function

Joho & Alikiba| Photo Courtesy| Joho facebook

Governor Joho, Alikiba (Centre) & Mvita MP Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir

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