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Kenya Is A Hot Bed Of Social Media Funny Creative Memes!

Githeri Man On Bonfire Cabin| Photo Courtesy Bonfire Adventures
Githeri Man On Bonfire Cabin| Photo Courtesy Bonfire Adventures
Yeah! This is Kenya, a place where social media is used to the maximum. Dubbed KOTs the famous Kenyans on Twitter are the ring-leaders. So here is where you will get to find all the ribs-breaking jokes (madness). So one must be very careful when you are dealing with KOTs, a good example is an American top media house Cable News Network -CNN which once was a victim of the KOT's punishment vendor. This happened back in the year 2015 when the former president of US Barrack Obama was visiting the country, where CNN on their news anchored that the then US president of USA Obama was visiting a #HotBedOfTerror country due to Alshaabab threat.

On defending their country, Kenyans took on twitter the revenge with a famous hash tag which trended across the world #SomeOneTellCNN. Something which forced CNN management to come forward and give out an apology to Kenyans. But that is just one of many social media funny moments carried by Kenyans, in which Kenyans are seen to be the leading Africans if it comes on utilising social media platforms. For sure the degree of creativity Kenya is blessed with is overwhelming and this is the reason I am bringing to you the latest meme which has been trending on various social media platforms and also has found its way on national TV stations hence radios too.

Most of the people across the world are very keen observing what is going to happen after the August 8th general elections, with the presidential results outcomes not yet announced, Kenyans have been finding out ways of accepting the outcomes without chaos. So instead of using the social media ineffectively, Kenyans have been using it positively by creating funny memes which have been entertaining everyone across the social media atmosphere. Martin Kamotho has been the specimen for most social media users in Kenya after his photo won many social media users during the election day. The 41 years old and father of one, was photographed standing on a cue while holding a small paper-bag with boiled maize and beans locally known as (Githeri). Since then most social media users started doing photo-shop of his photo with various famous people in different places. Something which has created a sweet and positive tension among Kenyans making them remain calm, cool and entertained instead of fight in the street because of the elections outcomes. This is the Kenya we want, a Kenya which is full of hope, love, peace and harmony. God Bless Kenya...Enjoy the meme from our #GitheriMan

Creative Kenyan Photoshop the Githeri man on the Kenyan Currency.
Creative Kenyan Photoshop the Githeri man on the Kenyan Currency.

Original Photo of Martin Kamotho| Photo courtesy| fb
Original Photo of Martin Kamotho on the cue during election day. 

Kamotho with Citizen radio Mambo Mseto crew | Photo by | Tuva
Kamotho with Citizen radio Mambo Mseto crew headed by Willy M Tuva 

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