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Beka The Boy Is Set To Release New Hit (Msanii) By The End Of This Month

Kenya most fast rising music artist Beka the boy is now sailing in another new level in the Kenyan music scene. With his hot music hits in the likes of Siri Ya Moyo, Niko Low and the latest one Manenoz are both doing good on Kenyan radio stations. The talented young brilliant vocalist is now causing a big challenge to his Kenyan counterparts for his lucrative beautiful style he is using in which most of his fans they mistake him to be a Tanzanian. Beka is the new talent to watch here in Kenya, for the way is approaching the music market its actually a win to him.

Beka The Boy| Photo| Courtesy Of Beka
Beka The Boy| Photo| Courtesy Of Beka

Already his music hits have crossed over the border to the other side of East African soil i.e Tanzania. With Radios like Sunrise Radio 94.9 FM in Arusha On Flava Plus Show conducted by Dj Dix and Lee Baibe, Radio Jembe 93.7 FM Mwanza and Ice 99.5 fm of Jombe on Planet Zero show runned by GamiDee presenter, had confirmed receiving the hits and are already playing them on air. That shows a great mile to a rising star like him, for the strategies he is using to circulate his music hits, is very unique. But as his fans are still enjoying the flavours of the like of Manenoz, Siri Ya Moyo and Niko Low, already he is ready to release another hit song on top of the already doing well music hits. Talking with EastAfrica Bana blog, Beka the Boy has expressed his happiness towards the success of his music career and he has openly said he does not mind if its election season where most artist they do fear whenever they release their projects mostly they do fail. On his side is the opposite, he has vowed to release Msanii, another project in which he believes it will hit the radio airwaves despite the political atmosphere trending in Kenya.

Beka the Boy| Photo| Courtesy Changez Ndzai
Screen Shot Of Sunrise's 94.9 FM Radio Arusha Tz 

'Msanii is big tune with a special dedication to all the artists especially the singers and somehow, celebrate all difficulties they are daily facing in this hard journey!A special dedication to all the ladies close to those situations being thankful for the understanding!'' Beka explained to Bana. He believes It's another piece of Beka that got reflex in his own private life!                  
Pieces by pieces at the end of the year he will be releasing his first album called "Pieces of me"  and also the most important point that the song wants to celebrate all those artists who are the mirror of our great Kenyan society. He is trying to express his ideas that all the hard working artists deserve to be celebrated not only by their beloved ones back at home but the who society hence to motivate them and make them move to higher levels mind you that music art nowadays creates job opportunity to the artist whom most of them are youth.

Beka The Boy| Photo| Courtesy Of Beka
Beka The Boy| Photo| Courtesy Of Beka

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