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10 Revealed Facts you did not know about Kisumu City.

Tilapia and rice from Kisumu.

1.International  mud beaches.
Getting  time to go and relax on the beach with the good and exclusive breeze is really encouraged. This is because relaxing makes mind cool and other stresses fall apart. Kisumu city has beaches and they are world class beaches. 
Lake Victoria  is the largest  freshwater lake in Africa. The shores of lake Victoria  create a good sense of being like in the ocean. It has the best mud beaches in Africa and full of entertainment.

2.Professional mourners.

When someone's  loses  a colleague  or a family member the only thing to release the pain is by crying. In Kisumu things have changed. The days where people take their bodies out of mortuary, some guys wait outside to be given some work. Because it's the city of pride, people  are paid to cry.
 It always depends on the caliber of the dead person, the professional  mourners cry accordingly. People have created associations and co-operative to donate or groups for Sacco loans from the money paid to cry.

3.Professional  prostitutes.

Those who have been in the business of buy and selling bodies, in this town you will stay forever. One of the Lake Victoria  beaches is a home of professional prostitution. It's where you get sexually  satisfactory with the little you have from the big booty ladies lined for services.

 They like and make it as  a hobby to satisfy the customers. One of the guys our sources found there said he has been going there for a period  of 5 years and find cool services compared to whatever is at his house.

4.Big booty stronghold.

A lady standing on a matatu with big booty.
For the men who always look for "Manyake" here is the home. It really  overwhelming for those  maybe are coming from eastern Kenya as its hot with slim bodies. Shaped figures and of natural colour are all displayed in the town.
 Looking for this type of ladies then have a visit in the Kenya third city.

5.Home of water hyacinth.
Have you ever saw water hyacinth? This type of plants is now used to create cardboards, parcels and envelopes. 
Big of the lake is covered by this lake disease and the environmental specialists say that they drain a lot of water and if not taken care of in the near future  will drain water the lake.

6.A city surrounded flooding areas.
Nyanza region is not  that big compared to other regions in Kenya other than Nairobi. 
The city is surrounded by water logged areas with muddy clay soil and flood prone environments. Areas like Budalangi, Ahero and Nyakach.

7.Expensive  5 Star hotels.
This pride city has a lot of expensive and world class hotels. This city has most of the decorated hotels that cost billions  of shillings to be built.

8.Distribution  point of omena from lake turkana.

Small fish famously "Omena " is distributed from this region. First the "Omena" we found here and the technology spread to Turkana. Kisumu has remained to the distribution  point of the fish and home Tilapia.
 When you need to find and get sweet Tilapia then have a look at the Capital city of Nyanza.

9.Home of old men graduates.
In the history  of Kenya, many graduates are from Kisumu and its environment. It has the headquaters of great lake University and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University as the main big Universities.
 This people got the first chance from our fore fathers in the 1900s.

10. A rich love making culture.
Getting the right attitudes towards home delivery  and sponsoring, this city has all. It's a rich making culture and hobby for those  who think it doesn't  matter. Getting all sought of styles and pleasures are guaranteed.
Best hotels and good areas in world class environments. Getting  the right aspect of home premium  privileges are outlined  just from the go in this world. 
Ladies have enough tools to let you stay and backed up by the norms. Fish is the only secret of success  in this region, it has promoted body structures and the corresponding  feeling of human essence.

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